Why does your device repair such a nightmare?

Why does your device repair such a nightmare?

Im sure Im not the only person who thought I would only prefer to buy a new device than to go through the rigmarol to get the old fast. Apparaterparation is a classic area where the consumer is held hostage by confusing processes and lack of information and poorly balanced economy.

First - is it under warranty or not?

Usually for me, it involves scrabbling through millions of badly filed receipts to find out when I bought it. Often the warranty has ended a short while before it broke - do they do this? Is it a conspiracy?

If your device is under warranty

If so, you must call a specific location and make your request for service. Often only opening hours, part-time weekend hours and long queues to talk to a person. Usually you will review a download set of questions to identify if the device is actually broken and its not just the user (ie you!) Thats stupid about it. Im sure many people are actually the cause of the error, but Im not convinced that these services have gotten the balance between customer service and business efficiency quite right.

If you get through the gatekeeper with your questions, you will get a reference number and an estimate of when a service technician will be there to fix it. This may be immediate or not, depending on the type of service you purchased when you selected your brand. No matter how much you do, nothing will get this date forward, as customer service in this situation is often seen in the same way as the return is - a major issue that costs the companys money. (Rational people know that its an opportunity to make these your customers alive by correcting a maladministration as quickly as possible!).

The technician will arrive, sometimes on time, sometimes not, and with varying results. Cue more patronizing questions (especially understood when they can not find out whats wrong). Sometimes they fix it immediately, sometimes they have to wait for some. Wait for a part? Should they not be fully equipped with all the parts needed for this job, as the technicians knew what kind of device it was before they arrived?

Although sometimes this process is painless, it is often not. So many things can go wrong, its almost impossible to get a good experience. Have any of you had an amazing customer service experience to get a device that is set under warranty? Id love to prove it wrong, so email us if you have a better story :)

If your device is not under warranty

Sometimes it can be a bit of relief, because at least you know when you pay money in exchange for a defined service, you have some control over the result. But finding the right qualified technicians to fix your specific device can also be a bit of a nightmare. Why?

Appliance repair companies not all service the same brands. Often, they get training from the manufacturers, so companies often only serve the devices sold in volume.

Apparatus for device repairs is run at very fast but high volume projects, and every day new jobs are required to fill the pipeline at work - but it is rapidly filling up. No one will wait for 2 days with a broken refrigerator, so if you find a device repair company the traditional way you can contact a large amount of companies before getting one that is not busy.

It is often not immediately apparent that the device is fixed, especially if you called a technician for a problem that sometimes occurs. So, you need something else to bargain with other than just keeping payment as so many people do.

If at the end of the day you decide to get a new device and dig the old one, remember that you can also list a job to remove the old device. Choosing to get a new one is often the most costly solution, but money can save you a lot of potential hassle too!

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