My favorite Blender Mixer

My favorite Blender Mixer

My favorite mixer mixer must be the Ninja Master Prep. I have tried many other aperture devices earlier, but I have never found one that I like to use as much as this one. Its the first Ive ever had that I use almost every day. In fact, Im actually looking forward to using my striving to improve my and my familys health. Now I could only have written a few quick paragraphs and written whats going on a bit commercial, but in this article Ill get some details about nutrition and how it affects my opinion about this remarkable product.

In the not too distant past I got a few pounds. Okay, more than just a few. Sometimes it happens when you go from walking many miles each day as a mail carrier to sit and work in the office as a supervisor. Anyway, it happened. But something else also happened. I became a type 2 diabetic. Now I have to lose these pounds to manage my blood sugar without using drugs.

In my search for information (thanks God for the internet) I found a doctors website where he claimed that through diet he has been able to help many people with a variety of health problems to improve their lives through diet. Perhaps diet is not the correct word. A better word would be nutrition. He thinks that through proper nutrition, the body can heal itself and improve if it is not easy to cure many health problems that people face today. First, it sounded like quackery. I did quite a bit of research and found that there is more than a little truth in his concept. The real meaning of this page is that I now have an interest in the raw food movement. And what does this have to do with a simple kitchen mixer? Do you ask. The biggest weapon of all in the fight to get back my weight again. The green smoothie.

But first, a bit more background so you understand how Ive come to my conclusion, and why The Ninja Master Prep is so much a part of my life now. Studies have shown that diet has a huge impact on health. Chinas investigation is evident in particular. This may be the biggest survey of nutrition and its impact on health ever made. Basically, Chinas study found that different regions in China had major differences in their main sources of food. And big differences in health. Some used more animal products. Some used almost no one. What has been found is that areas where people consume more food sources for food had more cancer and heart disease. There is a lot more information in the study, but that is the part that really meant to me. And it went and supported what the doctor I mentioned earlier preaches. A supplemented vegetarian diet is best for health and longevity. Here is a link to the Wikipedia page about The China Study.

Here is a little trick question for you. But it is also educational. What would you answer if I asked you to have more protein per calorie, collared greens or a nice juicy beef? You noticed that I asked per calorie and not per pound did not you? Nevertheless, I found the answer surprisingly. Its the green leafy vegetable. Who is thinking of associating protein with a leafy green? But its the healthier choice. And if youre trying to lose weight, its really important. It takes a lot of green vegetables to compare the calories in just a few ounces of meat. And thats the beauty of it. You can eat and eat so much that you can not be hungry and still lose weight. Plus with phytochemicals, eating a lot of green vegetables and other vegetables and fruit sources for nutrition makes this type of eating like taking a super vitamin pill. Plant cultivation sources have so many different combinations of nutrient chemicals that we do not even understand them anyway. Many of them have powerful anti-cancer properties. Cruciform vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower are noted for these.

Back to the green smoothie. The green smoothie is not just a recipe. Its a combination of green leafy vegetables and fruits that you want to do. How to get this super vitamin, super nutrition type of food, but you have to be able to chop it up and make it a smoothie. Why? Because the hacking helps to break the plant cells and release phytochemicals and vitamins. Sort of like chewing does. Secondly, because they are just so refreshing and tasty, once you learn which combinations of foods are going well together.

Thats where The Ninja Master Prep comes in. Finally. I know it took a while to get to this point, but I wanted you to understand why I like so much about this kitchen appliance. I have tried other mixer mixers for this, and it is frankly the cheapest that just can not do the job. Its hard for them to even get the food youre trying to get into the sheets. And even when you can, they simply are not sharp enough. They were not designed to do this.

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